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Default bộ sưu tập lớn các bài essay mẫu (đã quá nè)

Việc có các bài mẫu essay là một nhu cầu thiết thực cho việc học nói và viết. Điều này thì khỏi bàn cãi. Chính vì điều này danh sách các bài luận essay đã được post ở đây để cho các bạn tham khảo .

Do you think that homework should be abolished? Discuss its value.

Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.

What subject you like best in school?

Describe the first day of your school

The first day at school probably had been much impressed on your life. Give your impressed on that day.

School is the most difficult time but it also keeps many joys for us. Do you agree?

Describe your schoolmates and whom do you like best.

Talk about your experiences as a school prefect.

What do you think of the use and abuse of private tuition?

Examination day often makes many pupils worry. Do you agree?

What do you think of the important role of the teaching of crafts in the school?

What makes an ideal teacher: Give your opinion.

Write about the kind of work which you hope to do when you leave the school.

Today there is some changes in the educational system. In your opinion, how should we change to raise the quality teaching?

Talk about your teacher of English

Is a teacher an actor? Give your opinion.

Write a description of your walk to school on a rainy day.

Describe all activities of your school-day

Give an account of the end of the term.

Describe your close friend

Suppose you could go to school where you wanted to. Which school would you choose and why?

Living in an apartment instead of a college dormitory gain advantages and disadvantages. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of apartment living and five your opinion.

For students, purchasing or renting a home? Give your opinion.

English is a popular language all over the world, especially to students, tourists and businessmen. Give your opinion.

Nowaday, everybody is very fond of learning a foreign language. However, sucessful men are seldom. In your opinion, what is the basic factor?

Is English the international language? Explain it.

From what you have learned about English civilization, write an essay on England and the English (the land, its history, tradition and people)

What do you think of the value of education? Discuss it.

In your opinion, what is one of the major problems in the world today? Discuss some reasons for its existence Give some possible solutions. ( Pollution)

In your opinion, how do the pollution problems effect today? Discuss some reasons for its existence. Give some solutions to overcome.

Some people believe that a mother should not work. Others argue against this. Consider the problems that a working mother faces. Do you believe a mother should work? Support your opinion.

Knowledge is power. Discuss this sentence.

Give a comment about the uses of the hobby.

Tell about your hobby in free time.

The kind of books we should read. Give your opinion.

Today, there are many books to read. What do you think of the choice of books?

Describe a pet which you have kept.

Talk about the person you hate most.

Give a short account of an interesting magazine you often read.

The habit is a repetitive job everyday. Explain it.

Give an account of a visit to a book exhibition.

Discuss the appeal of a science fiction

Discuss the uses and abuses of television

An interesting program which you heard on the radio.

Talk about the habit of smoking cigarettes

Talk about the hobbies of your two close friends.

Give one of the activities you like to do in your spare time

The difference between my father and my younger brother in the family.

What should we do to make a good impression at a job interview?

Some people claim reading novel is a waste of more time than reading nonfiction works?

Talk about the film you like best.

In your opinion, what is the most difficult skill of studying English

Talk about the habit of reading in some students

How should we do to have a good memory?

" Money is the root of all evil". Give your opinion.

What is flight booking like?

What means of traveling you choose for your trip?

Is traveling an educative experience? Discuss.

Should marriage be arranged by parents or decided by yourself? Give your opinion.

What is the job of a human resources manager?

How do Hearing-Impaired people talk? Discuss.

What do you think of the opinion polls?

How should people protect and preserve the natural resources?

Life in the city

Living in a multiracial community

Tell about a visit to a famous city

Talk about modern inventions

Talk about an adventure in a forest

Talk about an unusual opportunity you had

Talk about the value of libraries.

Talk about a horrible sight you experienced.

Discuss the part that money plays in our live

Các bạn hãy đóng góp thêm những link của bài luận khác nào để làm phong phú cho thread này nhé!!!

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Các bài luận tiếng Anh essays: language123.blogspot.com

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sao mà không tải bài về được, chỉ cho tớ với huhuhuhuhu
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